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Firearm Safety Bags with Arcolock-7

Protect yourself against misuse of your firearm.

Secure your handgun in a tamper-resistant bag protected by built-in Arcolock-7.

Handsome Cordura Plus shell
Choice of Black or Red
Padded foam liner which:
● cushions contents in handling AND
● safeguards against scratches or nicks

● Black webbing strap handles.
● Inside pocket for clip or boxed ammo.
● Adjustable strap holds weapon in place.

To order these products via the GSA Advantage website, click here to go to the GSA Advantage homepage, then type in the style number of the bag size you need in the search bar.

Firearm Security Bags
Style No. H x L
TRG540R 6.5 x 10
TRG541R 8.5 x 12
TRG539R 8.5 x 14
TRG542R 8.5 x 16

Please place your order for these items on the GSA Advantage website or contact our Customer Service Department for additional assistance.

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