The Rifkin Safety Sac is A. Rifkins Co's premier product... a high quality, high security night deposit bag.

Research and development have always been part of Rifkin's custom-manufacturing operation. In 1966, Rifkin developed a high security courier bag which was fire-resistant, to protect valuable documents in the case of car or truck fire.

The Rifkin Trans-Sac, a Post Office-approved, reusable roundtrip mailing envelope, was developed by and patented by A. Rifkin Co. in 1963.


Zipper coin bags (without locks) occupy a large part of the Rifkin manufacturing area. The popular Long Zipper Bag and Trans-Sac, reusable mailing envelope, are currently being made by teams of workers known as modular production groups. This system increases Rifkin's ability to accommodate "rush" delivery requests and hold to projected delivery dates.

Originally, the varied steps required to make the Rifkin Safety Sac utilized basic sewing machines. Over the years, the procedure has changed greatly, being refined and improved by the introduction of specially designed equipment.

Today, Rifkin Safety Sacs are also being manufactured by teams. When a Safety Sac team receives the embroidered or imprinted pieces of material, they move them from one operation to another, sewing the lock cover, sewing the zipper, sewing the side and bottom seams, and installing the Arcolock.

As the varied products are completed, they are examined, bundled, labeled and sent to the Shipping Department. There the order is packed in shipping containers and sent on its way to the customer.

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