A. Rifkin & Co.'s manufacturing operation was headquartered on Northampton Street in downtown Wilkes-Barre from 1903 until 1968. Construction of a new facility began in 1966.
Dave Rifkin and his son, Arnold, oversee construction. By 1983, after several expansions, the new facility on the Sans Souci Parkway contained 69,000 square feet of manufacturing, office and warehouse space.

Dave Rifkin (left) and Jack Rifkin (right) displayed their banking products at numerous banking association trade shows throughout the country.

In August 1965, the organization was incorporated and the name was changed to A. Rifkin Co.

By 1965, it was evident that the company had outgrown the 19,000 square foot building in downtown Wilkes-Barre, and began looking for new facilities in the area. Finding nothing suitable, in 1966 they purchased five-acre parcel of land on the Sans Souci Parkway, and a new factory was built. During Christmas vacation of 1967, eighty truckloads of machinery, material and other supplies were moved into the new building. Manufacturing commenced on January 2, 1968. This was the first move for the company since 1903 when the Northampton Street building was purchased.

The new building was a one-story, 27,000 square foot building with truck docks and fully equipped areas for the different departments now required by a rapidly expanding business. At this time, the company had 11 sales representatives and 93 employees.

In July 1968, David Rifkin passed away and was succeeded by his son Arnold as President of the company.

As the business developed, so too did the company's demand for locks. In 1969 It became obvious that a new source was needed for the manufacture of the Rifkin Arcolock. A. Rifkin Co. was now ready to radically improve the lock beyond what had been available through their Standard and Deluxe models.

The new lock was to be a seven-pin tumbler lock, which could provide increased security and a greater number of combinations. Together, Rifkin and their new lock manufacturer produced an entirely new key design, so that Rifkin could offer a unique key, different from anything that had been on the market previously. An entirely new, proprietary, master key system was developed. Now Rifkin could offer their customers Master Key Series that were exclusive, because they were not available from any other source.

In 1970, the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority of New York City asked Rifkin to provide a special level of security for their new toll collection installation. They agreed to field test the new lock during a nine-month observation period. The new lock, called the Super Arcolock-7, was fine-tuned for high security and ease of use, and finally pronounced satisfactory.

Business continued to grow, and in 1973 the company opened a 10,000 square foot branch factory in the neighboring town of Nanticoke, where 70 people were employed. At the Sans Souci location there were two more expansion periods in 1975 and 1981 which brought the total area of that facility to 69,000 square feet, including office, factory and warehouse space. With the expansion, the satellite operation in Nanticoke was no longer necessary. It was closed and its equipment and personnel moved into the Sans Souci facility 1983.

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