A patent for the first Arcolock was issued in 1934. The current model of the Arcolock-7 has evolved from this original design.

One of the first Rifkin Safety Sacs with built-in Arcolock and 1930's advertising literature.

In 1934, the patent was issued for the Arcolock. At the same time, Dave started to make sales calls on the banks in the northeastern states during his trips to service the company's work clothing accounts. The brothers were thrilled with the early small orders and pleasantly surprised as the quantities continued to increase. Dave expanded his sales efforts until by 1939 he, personally, was calling on the banks in 32 states.

Meanwhile, Jack developed the factory facilities and enlarged the line. As Dave explored the market and opened new accounts for the Rifkin Safety Sac with built-in Arcolock, the Rifkin brothers began to investigate the many other products which they could make which could also be sold to banks, beginning with zipper and drawstring coin bags and extending to courier bags and many other specialized products.

During the World War II years of 1941 to 1945, A. Rifkin & Co. shifted their focus away from bank bags and concentrated on making various types of uniforms for their industrial clients, particularly those involved with wartime production efforts.

With the end of World War II, attention to the banking industry resumed. Major improvements were made to the Arcolock and in 1947, the "Deluxe Arcolock" was introduced. The "Deluxe" used a six-pin tumbler mechanism which was a substantial security improvement.

During the early post-war years, the emphasis of the company was on building a sales organization to increase its customer base. An advertising program which included direct mail and magazine ads was begun. In 1948, Arnold Rifkin, son of Dave Rifkin, joined the sales organization.

The work clothing that had been so important through the years up to 1945 was de-emphasized. Toward the end of the 1950's the company made the last of the garments for which it had become well-known. Will Rifkin, the oldest brother, retired from the company in 1951; Jack Rifkin retired to Florida in 1957, and David Rifkin became company President.

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