ChairmanDuring my 52 years with A. Rifkin Co., I have seen and been part of many changes. When my grandfather started our business in 1892, he surely had no idea of the impact our company’s products would have on the way that other businesses handle the security of their money and their confidential documents.

Following the death of my grandfather in 1922, the management of the company was passed to my father and his two brothers. This was the same year that my uncle, Jack Rifkin, received a patent for a unique design of coveralls, a product we manufactured at that time. In a very short time our company became famous for this new style garment. Several years later we recognized a desire of our large corporate customers to advertise by having their name and logo embroidered on both the front and the back of their coveralls. The embroidery machines were purchased and the technology was mastered. Our company then became known for our excellent embroidery capability.

Just a few years later, in 1933, the Rifkin Safety Sac with Arcolock was invented and a new style of night deposit bag was born. From our previous experience manufacturing coveralls, we applied our knowledge about reliable sewing and attractive personalization. We became known in the banking industry from coast to coast for our commitment to bank bag security. Then, as now, the security and dependability of our bank products became our focus.

Over the years using trade journal advertising, direct mail, and our greatest asset, our direct sales force, we have told the world about our excellent products. Now we have a method to reach even more businesses through the Internet. It is an exciting opportunity for us.

Let us know if there’s something you’d like to see, or if there is a better method of navigating through the site. For 108 years we have been successful because we listened and fulfilled your needs in the best way we knew how. We will continue to let customer satisfaction guide us.


Arnold S. Rifkin

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